I didn’t do a whole lot of carving this weekend. The wife is remolding the kitchen, which means I spend most of the weekend resurfacing cupboard doors. Oh well, it’s kind of like carving. . . . at least the sanding part anyway.

But I did manage to get out on Sunday and got a little inspired to work on the Gorilla. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. The morning started off with a little fog/mist in the air and then the sun came blazing out.

I started off with some chisel work cleaning some stuff up and working on the hands (no noise in the morning, neighbors frown on chainsaws at 7:00am on Sunday) I’m not too happy with the arms and hands, they just aren’t going my way.

Around 10:am, I pulled out the Arbortech, and started some power shaping to try and bring the arms into shape. Still not happy with that, I put down the Arbortech and went for the chainsaw to do a little more aggressive shaping! Hmm, well now I took that a little too far but I think I will leave it as is and go on to the furring. Well I picked up the Arbortech again and started playing with that a bit, and didn’t like where it was going, so I put it back down. However I didn’t wait the obligatory 35 seconds for it to spin down and STOP before setting it down on the driveway, so now I will send the next half hour re-sharpening the blade.

Well, just on a hunch, I figured I would try using the Arbortech as it was, with big gouges in the blade. It was great, the dull edges tore at the wood instead of cutting it. I now had a great (at least I think so) furring effect. So I spent the next few hours messing around with this and creating my own little blizzard of sawdust.

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