Carver Kings Paul and Jacob

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“Rant and Rave” is a blog about chainsaw carving artists Paul Frenette and Jacob Frenette from Ontario. Come Follow their journey to mastering the chainsaw. Paul started this journey after he had his favourite possession stolen, Wilson. A cement statue made to look like an Easter island head. One day Paul was staring down at the trunk of a huge Walnut tree(finding lumber
for winter), and he saw the face of Wilson. Thats when he decided he would take it home and give life to Wilson again through the wood. After many years of practice, commission jobs, events and competitions Paul finally began to master chainsaw art.

Paul Then Went on to show off his skills in many places like BC, Japan, US, Ontario along with two hit TV shows, one for HGTV “Carver Kings and another for OLN and Discovery “Saw Dogs”. An artist is never satisfied with his progress but Paul has come a long way to reach the level of skill and perfection he achieves in every carving. This is the place where imagination is sculpted into reality and you get to see all the new and innovative ideas that are being put into the carving world. The discovery of a talent for chainsaw carving, actually created a yin for his yang.

You can read more about Paul’s story Here,

You can also check out his blog Here! or the just the chainsaw Gallery: here!


Paul Frenette carving Dragon
Paul Frenette carving Dragon

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