Here’s a close up view of my Wizard Wood Carving!

Here I did a wizard holding a skull. This was mostly a chisel carving done in my early stages as you can tell from the sharp contours of the wizards face. I feel that it was a good piece for me to learn the flow of the cloth and hair. My inspiration to do this came from my love of fantasy and the books associated with that, for example: “Lord of The Rings” nothing prompts you more to carve a wizard than having an image in your head and making it come to life before your eyes out of wood.

Wood carving is easy once you learn the reason behind the details. In a mans face you learn that the edge of his lips line up with the pupils of his eyes and the space between the eyes is an eyes distance apart. Learning about the thing your carving translates into the wood carving itself and allows you to make a better carving. You can see my growth if you check out more recent work!: Wood carving

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