This weekend I finally go around to finishing my totem pole. Well as much as I am going to do on it anyway. I still want to carve a couple more things into it, but detail wise this is as far as it goes. (let’s call it the rustic look)  

Raising the totem pole was a blast. I did it mostly by myself, except for the last part of leveling it out. I used two $15 block and tackles from Canadian tire. How amazing, I didn’t think they would really work. Other than the rope being cheap plastic and slippery and the pulley wheels being made of plastic, they got the job done. It took the better part of a day to maneuver the pole into position and then lift it into place. But I had a blast climbing all over the tree and slinging the B&T’s in various spots to lift the pole into place. I only wish I had taken more pictures, it’s amazing what a little leverage can do. The pole is 17’ tall and about 38” diameter at the base and weighs 750-1000 lbs ( I only know this because I broke the first rope I was trying to lift it with, then I started using two B&T’s) Here a few pictures of the final product.  




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