The other week my friend Blake the tree guy said he was going to drop off a nice piece of wood. When I got home, to my surprise it was a nice piece all right, 18" diameter and 18 feet long!

Well my wife was not too pleased, however I was ecstatic! She said "Now what the Heck are your going to do with that?" oh yeah and "When the Hell are going to get it out of my driveway!"

Well with a little bit of help from a couple friends and some strategically placed rolling logs, it’s now out of the drive way. It’s amazing how heavy a little log that weighs!. Howid you get it in my driveway in the first plac,Blake?

As for what I’m going to do with it, well that was never even an issue! A totem Pole of course! Well It’s just the perfect opportunity to try out some clay sculpting as well. I took a two day course with Fred Zavadil the other week and found out that it’s a lot easier sculpting in clay than wood. but that’s another story. I will post that shortly too.

So here is my model for the new totem pole. Of course it’s not the typical  Indian totem pole, it’s my version of a totem. Gargoyles and Templar.

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