Cottage Chainsaw Carvings

Find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one in our art

We put together a short video for you too see what it is we do

I wanted you to get a taste for what it is we can do, we pour our hearts and souls into our carvings so that you can feel the passion and excitement every-time you look at your carving.

Cottage Tree Carving Ideas

imagine that old stump at your cottage turned into this:

Chainsaw Carved Bar Bench

Chainsaw Wood Coral Reef

Chainsaw Carved Pirate


Contacting HGTV’s Carver Kings

If you liked our work and were interested in talking to us go ahead and use the link below to reach our contact page.


Alternatively you can reach us directly at or give us your number via our contact form and we will give you a call.

Still not convinced you found something you like checkout our tv show on HGTV


You can always find us in person at a show near you also, here is what some of the shows had to say about us


Woodstock Woodworking Show

The Carver Kings very own Jacob and Paul were the feature carvers at this years Woodstock Woodworking Show. Jacob and Paul not only entertained the crowds, but interacted and participated with the crowd in a very intimate fashion. The crowds were constant around their demonstration area, and the Carver Kings were the main buzz of the patrons. 

Our Sunday was wetter than we would have wanted, but the Carver Kings were troopers and kept our crowds thoroughly entertained.

The HG TV’s Carver Kings were the darlings of the local media, allowing us to reach local and regional print, radio, and TV markets for interviews, news reports, and commentaries.

John Downes

Hamilton & Woodstock Woodworking Shows

4PCCC Show

Paul and Jacob,

It was a pleasure to spend time with the two of you while out in Powerview-Pine Falls, Manitoba for the 2016 2nd Annual Labour Day Long Weekend 4P Chainsaw Carving Challenge. To watch a father and son work and play together was inspirational to both my son Kaysen and myself. With your help, , the experience was an absolute success and we’re looking forward to building an even Bigger 4PCCC in 2017!

Not only did you help in growing the event, you brought a feeling of hope and excitement to a community that has had its challenges over the past decade. There was a hole left from the loss of its only industry, the Pine Falls Paper Mill. The Woods Department became a thing of the past. With this event, it lives on as a historically significant tangible living artifact. Sawdust is in our blood.

Thank you for helping out. You’re truly good people and I’m looking forward to future endeavours on the horizon.


Tim Chartier

Winnipeg River Chainsaw Carving Association President