Chainsaw Carving ~  From Stump Removal to Garden Sculpture and Statues


Chainsaw Carver Kings Hey, this is Jacob from HGTV’s “Carver Kings“. Ever wonder what to do with the dying trees on your yard? Sometimes people are looking to remove a stump from their garden, often the dying wood sticks out like a sore thumb. Most people simply try and get it removed but they don’t know the beauty that lies hidden. What we do is take the ordinary unimaginative(so you think) wood and turn it into something fantastic. we can let your imagination do the work and you can come up with amazing ideas or you can let our artistic inspiration run wild! Either way the art comes from our head in the end so it’ll always have our flavour. Imagine a powerful lion resting in your garden watching over you. Imagine a dragon flying into the sky with all his might and power or a bear playing with her cubs.

Tree carving is all about the imagination, be it life like statues, abstract art, memorial pieces. We channel into our flow and bring the images in our mind into creation. We tear away the wood that shouldn’t be there to make room for you’re beautiful garden sculpture. Taking it to a whole other level we incorporate usefulness into our art, building benches, seats, tables, bridges and tree houses all incorporated into the art. All this comes from wood; were from Southern Ontario. Kitchener Waterloo to be exact, so mostly we work with Pine, Walnut, White Cedar, Spruce, Oak and many more specialties if requested.

Here is a Before and After: Nautical Scene

Randy Gauthier’s Prince George BCNE Chainsaw Carving Comp

If you have a tree that needs cutting down or a stump thats got to go, take a moment to think about having a piece of art instead. Don’t have the wood? No worries, we can bring in some of the biggest logs in ontario to get the job done. We work with fantasy and reality to create art that reaches many places. Be it the high relief wall art you’ve always dreamed of, the perfect garden sculpture park or the nautical scene you’ve always wanted. Its all there it the wood waiting for you to contact us. ahah seriously though

Getting Ahold of Us

If your interested in contacting us and haven’t done so yet let me tell you a bit about the process first.

You have a log you don’t know what to do with but you know you want art, you have the log and you know what you want or you’ve seen our work and don’t have wood but still want one.

You fill out the contact form here: “contact form” and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

When we talk, well go over what you are expecting, what we are expecting. Well get the general idea of what you want and how close we can get to that. Getting a carving done is very dependent upon the size, the complexity, the location and the budget. All of which will come up, but were easy going so you can contact us with ease. We also only have so much time on our hands so favourable larger carvings are given priority depending on current projects.

Let “Retribution” be the Judge 😉

After that its a matter of planning the date either Paul or Jacob(me) will start the project. (Often we work together but sometimes its just one of us). Depending on the project

We will have a general timeframe made up to estimate the time it will take, we can rush things but as said before, we don’t always have the time.

If you are interested in booking us for an event or competition use the same contact form with the subject line “Events and Shows”

If you enjoy watching us on YouTube , Twitter(Jacob, Paul) and checking out our live feeds on Facebook make sure to share this post on your accounts, tag us in it and well make sure to give you a shout back for doing it.

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