Commissioned Carvings, Sculpture: Considering a custom work of art? Let your imagination be your guide. From chainsaw carvings to high end refined sculpture we can work together with you to bring your imagination to life. Call to discuss your ideas.

On Site Tree Carvings: Do have a cherished old tree on your property that has to be cut down? Don’t just chop it up into firewood and loose all that history. Have the arborist leave the stump behind and commission an on site carving. We will carve stumps from 3ft to 20ft in height. The cost varies depending on the amount of detail and complexity of the job plus supplies and travel.

Live Tree Carvings: Be the talk of your neighborhood; get a carving in your LIVE tree! This living sculpture will not harm your tree and will continually change and mature as the tree grows. Just like cutting a branch from the tree, as long as you don’t cut all the way around, the tree will not be harmed. Do you have a live tree that has lost a big branch or has been damaged? Repair the damage with a carving. The carving process will clean up the damage and then the surface can be sealed to allow the tree to properly heal it self.

Custom Mold Making Service: Are you an artist looking to have a mold made to replicate your sculpture in cement, plaster or resin? We can custom design and build you mold for you. Looking for another source of income? Buy some molds of our carvings or have some made and cast your own to sell at garden centers and gift shops.

For information and pricing on any of these services, contact us at (519) 744-9544 or send an email from our contact page any time.

3 thoughts on “Carving Services

  1. I have 2 trees I have cut down to about 10 feet tall in a very large sand box (30’x30′) we use for guests in the motel. I was wondering about getting these carved on site into maybe Disney Characters or some child based image. We are located in Grand Bend Ontario. If this is something you could do what do you need to determine best path ?

  2. hi there looking for someone to do a tree carving on site we have a walnut tree we had to cut down and is about 10′ tall right now but can be shorter just not sure where you are located . we where just looking for something like are last name down the length of the tree or something we are located near blyth Ontario about half hour east of goderich Ontario thanks

  3. I have a stump left over for carving,its about 8to 10 ft high and about 36” in dia and live in the niagara region
    where are you located and do you travel to niagara region ever

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