Once again I am being harassed by the friendly neighborhood “CAPTAIN BYLAW” superhero. The local Bylaw officer has received yet another complaint from “CAPTAIN BYLAW”┬áin regards to my property.

On Oct 13,2004 I was once again presented with a lovely LOT Maintenance Notice stating I was in violation of the City of Kitchener Municipal code, Chapter 650 regarding lot Maintenance!

  • Waste material (as defined in by-law) shall be removed from all exterior areas of subject property, and is including but not restricted to: large tree limbs in side/front yard. This property shall be regularly maintained so as to ensure compliance on an on-going basis.

Here is a picture of my front yard on or about Oct 13,2004


So after talking to the local Bylaw officer, I find I am indeed infracting on the almighty “CITY BYLAW”. It seems that my valuable collection of Black Walnut is classified as refuse! That is, if it is not cut into 15″ pieces and stacked neatly in cords of wood, then it is refuse. Anything larger than that and it is obvious that it is not firewood and would be considered storage. It seems that a bunch of cut wood is more pleasing to the eye. So now I must move the “not” Firewood somewhere else.

Thank you Captain Bylaw for making my day! Once again society will be safe from my deviant behavior and peace and tranquility will be restored to the neighborhood! Thanks to CAPTAIN BYLAW!!!!!!

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