Ok, I was planning to move the logs anyway! The wife didn’t like them where they were and wanted to put a garden there. She’s been pestering me for weeks to move the logs and it was on my list of “Honey do’s”. God my aching back!

But it pisses me off to be forced to do it in such a rude manner . . . . Hey! What if my wife is “Captain Bylaw”! ….. Nah, she would never do anything that low!

Oh well, at any rate, I had a nice call from the bylaw officer thanking me for moving the logs so quickly. She’s actually a very nice person, when I’m not yelling at her. Sorry



So all is well . . . at least until the next time “Captain Bylaw” saves the day!


Speaking of being told what to do though . . . what’s your thoughts on the smoking bylaws and this new thing with the bans on junk food in the schools? Aren’t things getting a little out of hand here?


The government is dictating how we live our lives. What’s next? Oh wait I know, how about the government decide what we should eat on a daily basis and just have it served up in a trough for us to eat. Oh no, don’t worry, they can just raise your taxes a little more to pay for it. After all they still have the other half of the year to go.



. . . . Hmmm, the site is called RANT and RAVE!




Have a great day everyone and remember . . . . “Be Happy, Don’t worry”

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