It’s been a while, but finally I have found some time to do some carving again. I had a big basswood log sitting waiting to be carved, however I discovered that it was partially filled with ants. I had cut off several feet of the log to get to solid wood and was left with several chunks of  basswood after I was finished. So I have one vary large piece and several little ones now. I figured instead of chopping the smaller pieces up into fire wood, I would create a mobile carving. I think the head looks kind of cool.

What was left of the log is now the rough out of a large gargoyle. Now that all the roughing out is done, I am anxious to get to the detailing. I just wish it would stop snowing. I know it’s not snowing in the picture, but it did on the weekend, when I could have been carving.

Female Carving

I also had some time to work on my nemesis the “female face”. I would not have thought it would be so difficult to do. Carving the male face is easy as pie by comparison. When carving the male face, you can do no wrong it seems. The uglier the face the better it looks so you can just hack away. Well here she is anyway.I’m still tweeking her features, but I still think she will need a lot of plastic surgery.

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